Why Real Estate Domain Names?

Real Estate Online Marketing

You can help your Real Estate Online Marketing by owning a local information portal, or pointing the best local domain name to your existing site, social media or lead capture page.

With a local city, neighborhood or region real estate domain name you will own the best name, the name that describes what buyers and listing clients are looking for, your city neighborhood or region + RealEstate.com, or Homes.com or RealEstateforSale.com and other endings.

You probably already own your own name, which is great for customers who already know you personally, or see your advertising.

And you probably have an office site, with a long name no one can remember.

Local Real Estate Domain Names

With a Local Geo Real Estate Domain Name you now own a marketing engine that can provide leads for days, months and years to come.

You can buy your local city, or a city where you would like leads, plus real estate and have instant credibility as the top agent in the area.  When customers see your domain name in the search results, they obviously know its a great site to learn about the area.

You can put content about the area you know so much about on the site and start building a relationship with the customer, before they even know your name.

Your providing them the information they want, and building a trust relationship from the first second they come to your site.

Many customers may be hesitant to pick and choose a Realtor. They have friends and are marketed to every day.  With your own local portal, you engage them as an information

And then your an obvious choice to use to do a transaction, because you earned your way in.

Owning a local real estate portal also allows you to receive Free Publicity, because your not just an agent, your the owner and operator of a “expert site” for the area.

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